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I Fly In From Out Of Town To See Dr. Knight!


5 out of 5 - by on Sep 08, 2016

My family who lives in UT had been recommending Dr. Knight with such enthusiasm that I just had to book an appointment to see what was up. So happy I did! The positive changes that I've experience in my body since starting treatment make the flight worth it every time. I'm lucky that my work brings me in town frequently, but I was determined to see that my husband be able to receive the same care as me. I've happily been using my frequent flier miles to now have him come up and get treatment as well.

AMIT works and it is hard to find someone (in my neck of the woods) who does it, let alone does it with the amount of care and kindness that you will get from Dr. Knight. I had shooting pain down my right leg that made it impossible to do the things I wanted to do. That is now gone. My husband hadn't been able to surf in years, he is now back in the water. I gained an inch in my height now that I can stand with better posture. In fact now that my back muscles engage it's hard to slump over.

It's really cool to feel muscles that you thought long gone responding like they used to when you were younger. You start to feel like a little less betrayed by your body once you are able to start working with it responding like it should. Moment almost feels effortless after a muscle has been activated. You never quite realized how hard they were working before.

I've tried other local chiropractors since starting treatment with Dr. Knight to help get me through the intermittent times and it's now become noticeable the difference between the types of care you receive. Dr. Knight will never adjust just to adjust. All of his care is done with purpose and to fix the problem, not just the symptoms. I actually will now wait till I can get back in to see Dr. Knight because the regular treatment just doesn't work.


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